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Carr's County Maps illustrate the history, architecture and miscellanea of most of the English Counties (as known before the 1974 re-organisations) they are essentially an eccentric choice by the author, who also drew them. They are not to be used for navigation, except in the broadest terms.

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There are eight novels

A Month in the Country

A Season in Sinji

The Harpole Report

The Battle of Pollocks Crossing

How Steeple Sinderby Won the FA cup

Harpole and Foxberrow, General Publishers

A Day in Summer

What Hetty Did



The series of Poets and Writers covers a wide range of poets , including many of the best known British writers, but all out of copyright.


A collection of idiosyncratic and eccentric Pocket Dictionaries ranging from Kings to Cricketers


Pocket Illustrators a small series of fine wood engravings ranging from Thomas Bewick to contemporary artists

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Pocket Books

County maps

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