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The Pocket Books have been described as "hovering between a greeting and a present".  They were also recommended for "reading in cold bedrooms, and/or in the bath"and make a lasting alternative to a birthday card.

The authors include Jane Austen, William Blake, Shakespeare, Wordsworth, John Donne and Rupert Brooke.  


The idiosyncratic Pocket Book Dictionaries (English Kings and Queens; Cricketers) and the Wood-Engravers extended the range .

The County Maps are an architectural / historical / literary / pictorial curiosity "designed for framing and to stimulate conversation".


There are eight novels, the best known of which is

'A Month in the Country'

which won the Guardian Fiction Prize in 1980 and was shortlisted for the Booker Prize in the same year.  It has had many editions and featured more than once as a BBC Radio 4 'Book at Bedtime'.


'The Battle of Pollocks Crossing' was also shortlisted for the Booker Prize and ‘The Harpole Report’ has been read at least twice on BBC radio (most recently in March 2012).

A New Addition to our Pocket Book Dictionaries
for Autumn 2016

A Dictionary of Politicians by Patrick Walsh